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2JR - Mrs Carr/Mrs Carrigan

Take a look at the curriculum overview to find out what the children are learning this half term....

Curriculum Overview:

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Up, Up and Away.......

In Geography this week, the children have been looking at the four nations that make up the U.K.

The children have focused on England this week and have researched this country using the Chrome books.

They found out lots of interesting facts including....

- Fish, chips and mushy peas, Angel Delight,  and cupcakes are popular foods to eat in England!

- Westminster Abbey, the Peak District, Stonehenge and Big Ben are good tourist attractions!

- Other major cities in England that you may like to visit are Manchester, London, Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield.


We're Going on a Material Hunt......

The children enjoyed going on a material hunt in the outdoor area. They investigated the different materials and their uses.