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Blue - Mrs Carrigan

We had a lovely day on Tuesday at Butterfly House as part of out topic on living, Growing and Lifecycles .  The children had the opportunity to stroke an owl, guinea pig and tortoise and some brave children even held a cockroach, stick insect and Giant African Snail.


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Our Reception Class Chicks

Our Reception Class Chicks 1
Our Reception Class Chicks 2
Our Reception Class Chicks 3

Welcome to the Blue Class!



Blue Class have made a fantastic start to their Reception year. They have been making new friends and working together.



They have been enjoying the hospital role play area and acting out their roles as nurses and doctors.


In Reception we spend lots of time exploring outdoors. The children worked together to build a car out of crates. They said that they were going for a trip to the seaside.


Some children were busy making mud pies and discussing how they should go about making them.


In Maths we have been working on recognising numbers and putting them in the correct order.


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