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Welcome to Reception

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Home Learning 28/04/20





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Home Learning 27.04.20


Class Story 


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Spring Term

Welcome back, we have another jam packed half term with a lot to learn, explore and celebrate. Look at our Curriculum and homework sheets to find out more.



It's the Christmas half term already!!! The children are now fully established in Year One now!  This half term sees the introduction of challenges for the children to complete, a school trip to York Castle Museum and the small matter of a Christmas Production!

On top of all that we have our curriculum to follow.  You can find all the details on the Year group news letter and homework sheet!


We a nearly through a half term already!  The time is flying by.  The children have settled very well into life in year 1.  Autumn term is often the hardest as they adjust to their new year group as well as it being a long one.  

We are onto our next topic called 'Say Cheese' this is a topic that the children will thoroughly enjoy as it focuses mainly around computing.  Please take a look at the topic web attached and the next homework challenge sheet.

Thank you so much for your cooperation with homework.  We find the homework sheet also assists parents with asking the question 'What have you done in school today!'.  I can assure you it is not 'nothing'.  Don't forget to follow 1H on twitter too:


I thoroughly enjoy celebrating our days in school and all the achievements and challenges your children face.



Welcome back to a new School Year.  I hope you have all had a great Summer.


Just for your information I have added this half terms topic web and newsletter.  If you are unsure about any of the details then please come and ask.  I will be out on the playground each Wednesday morning welcoming parents and children.

Please, please please follow the class on twitter.  It is so easy to set up and I often use it to showcase what we have been doing in class.


I will also try to celebrate the class and your child's personal achievements via marvelous me as much as possible too.




Have you found 1H on twitter yet?  If not, why not? I post a whole host of pictures and information about our days in school onto our page.  It's so easy to join us. 

Simply download the app and set up an account (you don't need to follow anyone else if you don't want to!)

search for @tis_holland

You'll know it's us because we smile a lot frown

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Welcome back to Spring Term 2!


Please see below for details of our new 'out of this world' topic: SPACE!

Previous Curriculum Maps...


If you ask your child

"What have you done today at school?" and they reply

"Nothing" then here is the evidence that says they are perhaps hiding a little something from you:

Maths, Maths and more Maths!!!

We have been investigating number problems linked to counting backwards!  Its not an easy challenge for some but we all worked together in 1H this week to use our resources to work out problems.   They were then able to answer problem solving questions in their books.

Although the weather has not been great this week it has been fantastic for the class.  We know so much about Autumn and weather I think the BBC could use us!  We have talked about the number of daylight hours we have and how many hours it is now dark for.  I asked the children to look out of their window when they went to bed to see if it was dark or light.


Just to let you know that I am out of school on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th next week, on a course for Read Write Inc.  I will be available all other days if you have any questions or concerns.


Enjoy the weekend.


Miss Holland

Year 1 newsletter Autumn Term 1

Another week has flown by in class 1H.  Its been a busy one but the children are adjusting to their new life in Year One.  They are settling into the new routines and adjusting to their busy schedule.  This week we have been exploring number in Maths (See photos below) and nouns in Poetry.  We have been on an Autumn Walk to help us remember the meaning of a noun and to explore our environment for our Geography topic.  The children have also been learning about the seasons as a part of our topic on weather.  (See photos below).

It was fantastic to see so many parents at the schools Friday morning read.  It was standing room only for us!  Thank you for your support.  We sincerely apologise that the children are yet to receive a reading planner for this year.  As I said last week we are awaiting delivery of them.  We simply ask that when you hear your child read, you write it on a piece of paper so that we can add it to your child's 100 reads challenge card, in class.   A couple of parents have asked how often the children's books are changed.  We operate slightly differently in Year One to Reception.  If you have heard your child read, recorded them as being competent at reading the book and have understood the text, it will be changed.  We also hear the children read during guided reading sessions in class and other work we do.  However, if we feel the children have not quite understood the book or have found it hard we may ask for them to read it again.  The children are encouraged to become much more independent in Year one.  They are required to put their reading book in the changing basket when it is finished.  We remind them of this each day.  We do not typically hunt through bags and do this for them.  Although we are having a quick look through some bags at this stage in the year to help them adjust!  Please can the children have their reading book in school EVERY DAY.  It is really important.  They are asked to bring it into class every morning so I can check on their progress and how often they are reading.  As a school we are working very hard to raise the standards in reading. 

Finally, can I just add that if your child is concerned about any aspect of their school life, please can you encourage them to let me know.  I always encourage the children to do this and say to the children that I cannot see inside their heads.  I completely understand it is early days in their new class.  I am slowly becoming less of a stranger to them and the bond between us will grow as time goes on.  If your child is upset at home or worrying then please have a quiet word and I will do all I can to ease their minds and help them adjust.  I genuinely care about each and everyone. 


As promised last week here are some of the highlights of this week in class 1H



Welcome to Class 1H.  

It has been lovely to meet my new class this week and get to know a little more about them!  I certainly have a class of characters.  All unique in their own special way and ready to learn which was great.  I think I've just about managed to remember all their names now.   Please come up and say hello to introduce yourself so I can link children to parents and relatives.  It really helps when the children are coming out of school so that I can send them in your direction a little quicker.  Fortunately I have had Mrs Caywood helping me this week.  

The children have been fantastic at settling into their new routines.  They will gradually adjust to more changes as the weeks go on.  I know it can be difficult for the children but they are genuinely well  settled once in class and if there are any issues I'll have a quick chat with you after school.  

Our Year one newsletter will hopefully be out by the end of the week.  This will provide you with more details about what we do in class.  Just to let you know our PE days are Monday and Thursday.  Please can absolutely everything be labelled.  Its amazing what can be lost or mixed up!!

This weekend your child has been sent home with a book, bookmark and sticky note.  Please could you note down if they read. We have unfortunately had a delay from the suppliers of our reading planners.  We are hopeful that they will arrive this week.  I encourage the children to read EVERY night, if only for 5 minutes.  It not only helps them learn to read fluently but also works wonders with their writing.


Please keep checking our class site.  Its the quickest way for me to get the word out about any changes or bits and pieces we may need in school.  Not everyone checks the site so if you could pass the word on to other parents that its up and running again then that would be great.  I'll keep you posted as much as possible.  I will include pictures from the class iPad.  I ask the children to use this independently as well as for myself to record activities and achievements.   The children's pictures are often the best though!


Finally, I have two fantastic teaching assistants in my class as well as myself.  You may hear the children talking about Mrs Harris and Mrs Schofield.  Both work full time in 1H.  Mrs Schofield works with a child as a 1:1 support worker.  Mrs Harris is a senior teaching assistant and works with groups of children in class.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Holland