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How can I help my child?

How can I support my child with art at home?


Have fun with messy Art – Encourage your child to get involved with many different types of Art activities. Drawing, painting, collage. Let your child’s creativity flow. Join in with them! They will love the fact that you are having fun with Art alongside them. Paints, felt tips, chalk, crayons – wax and pastels, pens, pencils, modelling clay. Most of these can be found in shops like ‘The Works’ and ‘Poundstretcher’ and many other discount shops.

Also let them use things that you have around the house to be creative with. Instead of buying craft materials use pasta, old wrapping paper, ribbons. It’s amazing what things can be used to create a collage.

Always praise your child’s art work. Ask them questions about it by encouraging them to tell you about their picture/ collage and ask them why they chose a certain colour/ resource etc


Find out about local art galleries or museums that you can visit with your child. Encourage them to talk about what they see and what they like and dislike.


Some local Galleries are:

Yorkshire Arts and Crafts centre

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Hepworth Art Gallery

York Art Gallery

Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills – Indoor and outdoor art gallery.