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How to support your child with DT at home


Here are some activities you could do with your child to develop their DT skills.

  • Encourage your child to sort objects by different criteria. You could do this by getting them to help to set the table or organise shopping items to be put away, plastic, cardboard, metal etc.


  • Encourage your child to create their own models from recycled materials found around the house and talk to you about what they have made, how they have joined parts together.


  • While speaking, use the language of designing and making, for example words such as ‘join', ‘build' and ‘shape'.


  • Encourage and support the use of a range of tools, such as scissors, hole punch, stapler, glue spreader.


  • Encourage and support the use of household utensils and their names – cooking comes under the umbrella of DT and your child will be taught the names of household utensils like grater, colander, sieve etc as part of their DT lessons.


  • Talk about where food comes from with your child –  which food comes from an animal and which comes from a plant.


  • Encourage and support your child to join in helping to prepare meals like cutting vegetables, mixing ingredients together.