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How can I help my child?

How can I support my child with music


  • Play music in the house, in the car, play music everywhere!! Listening to music is a fantastic way of encouraging listening skills. Ask your child to explore music and describe what they hear. Ask them which songs they like best and why.  


  • Listen to different types of music – classical, pop, jazz – talk to your child about the difference in the types of music. 


  • Make your own music! You don’t have to be able to play a musical instrument, use whatever is to hand, beat spoons together, encourage your child to make a musical instrument out of recycled materials and make music with this.   


  • Get moving to music – get dancing in the house!! Encourage your child to move to the rhythm of the music they can hear. Play rhythm games with your child – clap a simple beat – can they copy the beat back to you by clapping too?


A good website for enjoying musical activities is

There are lots of others on youtube to explore too.