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Intent Statement



At Townville Infant and Nursery School, we aspire to offer the best possible early education for all our children in a happy, safe, inclusive environment.


Through our history curriculum we aim to ensure our children:

  • Understand that History is the study of the past and changes over time.
  • Inspire their curiosity to know more about the past and how the process of change has impacted on the world they live in today.
  • Develop as keen historians, exploring simple methods of historical enquiry whilst enhancing their ability to question and think critically.
  • Gain an excellent knowledge of their own history, that of their family, our monarchy, and significant events of both a national and global scale.
  • Reflect and use the knowledge they have gained through studies of significant people and events to be able to describe, make links and evaluate similarities and differences, particularly over time.
  • Have the knowledge and understanding to celebrate the unique characteristics of British society and help them to appreciate the impact of human creativity and achievement over time.


This builds upon the children’s prior knowledge gained through the foundation stage for History where children:

  • Talk about the lives of the people around them and their roles in society.
  • Know some similarities and differences between things in the past and now, drawing on their experiences and what has been read in class.
  • Understand the past through settings, characters and events encountered in books read in class and storytelling.