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Maths Parent Workshop

When asked about our recent Power Maths Workshop you said you enjoyed...


Seeing the different models used and understanding how these will be applied in class.

17/17 of you said that the workshop was useful.
Seeing the visuals and how helpful/useful the models are to the learning process. Clear examples and the opportunity to observe in class.
Seeing how the children are learning so you can help them at home. Learning how your child learns in class so you can help her at home in the same way.
Getting to know what methods the children use at school. It's helped me understand how they learn so I can support them at home.


When asked what you would like us to do in the future, you said...


You said... Our response...
Demonstrations - giving some of the questions/problems that might be used in lesson. We love this suggestion, we will try to include demonstrations within our future parent workshops.
More activities with my child in class and different subjects.

Please do come along and support our Open Afternoons each half term, these really do give you a great feel for the activities your children do in a range of subjects.  We also love to see parents every Monday for our 'Share a story' sessions.

We are also looking to improve the way we launch and finish our topic work - sometimes this will involve parents too.

Similar to this so we can support more at home. We will definitely continue to offer workshops like this - we love sharing how we work with parents.
To go through other subjects my child is doing this term. For each new topic you will be sent a Curriculum Map detailing what your child will learn in each subject.  More details of how we want to improve how we share our topic information with you is coming soon.
How reading is taught in class and how kids learn to put sentences together with spellings.

We will hold a Parent workshop for reading next half term. 

This will take place on Thursday 21st March: 9 - 10.30am.  We hope you can join us.