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Me and My future

2C's Topic Overview

2C's Homework grid

First Day in 2C was a success! 


After reading the story of 'Rosie Revere Engineer', the children were inspired to work together to  put their scientific knowledge into action! They used practical testing, problem solving and TEAMWORK to build a tall, strong tower using ONLY marshmallows and spaghetti!

The children showed great 'Townville Learning Goals' in action: Determination, resilience, teamwork, kindness, communication and respect!

Our Entry point to the topic 'Me and My Futures'

The children searched and sorted the facts found in the jelly brains and hearts into 'Living Things' and 'Non-living'

Art in 2C

The children have been exploring tinting and shading with paint as part of our 'Light and Dark' dream theme. They then went on to make their own 'Dream Scene' art pictures using the techniques of tinting and shading.