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Townville Infants' School


Our Daily Routine

At 8:45 am the children, enter their focus room and complete self-registration.


They have free flow activities in this room until 9:30am. The children independently choose their own activities and in this time the adults will interact with them to develop their learning and / or make observations.


At 9:30am they all gather in the carpet for their first focus session. Each day they welcome each other, sing the days of the week song and identify which day and month it is. They listen to the story of the week and take part in some planned speaking and listening activities.


At 10:00am they have independent free flow activities throughout the unit. The doors to outside are always open. At this point the children choose their own activities and the adults from across the unit interact with them and make observations.


At 11:15 the children tidy up and return back to their focus room for their second focus session. This is where the children complete planned number activities, take turns and develop social skills.


At 12 O’clock the afternoon session starts, the children have free flow activities until 12:45 and then they all gather on the carpet for their first focus session which is a similar speaking and listening activity to the morning session. They also share the story of the week.


 At 1:30pm the unit is open again and children move between both early years rooms and outside. Often the afternoon Nursery children go outside a little earlier before the rest of the unit is open. Tidy up time for the afternoon session is at 2:20 pm and then the children join the carpet for the second focus activity of the day. This is always a number-based activity and we always finish the day with our song/ rhyme of the week. 


At 3:00pm the children all go home.


On a Monday morning the children complete PE in their first focus session.