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Reading Parent Workshop

Reading: Parent information session and workshop.

Parent Feedback


When asked ‘what was the main reason you decided to come along to this session today?’ you responded:

  • For a better understanding of how reading and writing is taught and how to help my child more at home.
  • To find out more information about how reading is taught.
  • To learn schools techniques so I can use the same ones at home to support and encourage reading.
  • To make sure I am doing everything to support my child.
  • I always come to parent activities when I am not at work.
  • To make sure I am helping with reading and phonics correctly at home.


We asked, on a scale of 1-10, how confident you were about how to support your child as they learn to read.

At the start of the session, the average confidence level was 7.72. 

When asked the same question again at the end of the session the average confidence level had risen to 9.22.


When asked ‘What did you enjoy about today’s session?’ you responded:


Going in to your child’s class to listen how shared reading is done.

The presentations was informative (wish I had seen it when my child was younger).

Learning how phonics is taught.

Good ideas to help my child develop reading.

Seeing the reading session.

I found it very informative and hope I will find the website useful with the pronunciation of some of the sounds we struggle with at home.

Able to ask questions

It made the method of reading clearer.

Matching sounds

The information given to help and support parents.

The way it was informative without being too intense.

Excellent detail and addressing perceptions.  Strategies to develop reading/writing skills.  Changing my behaviours.  Excellent resources.


When asked ‘Do you feel you have a clearer understanding of what your child experiences as they learn to read?’ you responded:


Yes as I did not realise my child got chance to read aloud in class.

Yes, I have a better understanding of ow I can support my children at home and some useful tips to help them.

Yes, it is important to make reading an interesting experience.

Yes, most definitely.

Yes.  More focus on sounds and understanding what they read.



We asked for your suggestions for next time…


Your suggestion…

Our response…

Year specific, more time in classroom.

We will seek to offer this through our class open afternoons.

More sound matching and all kids having chance to read.

Our shared reading sessions all differ slightly to ensure all children have the opportunity to flourish and practice their skills.

Coffee or tea

We try not to have hot drinks around where the children may be for health and safety reasons.  Perhaps next time juice and biscuits could keep you refreshed.

Send resources/links (eg videos) to parents

These are all available as links through our school website.