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Remote Learning Parent Questionnaire Jan 2021

We are constantly striving to ensure the education we offer, meets the needs of all children and their families.


As we once again moved to remote learning in January, we asked parents to complete a short questionnaire to give us feedback and help improve our offer.


The findings of the questionnaire are as follows:


Question Yes No
Does you child have a quiet space to learn at home? 97% 3%
Does your child have access to at least one device at home to take part in live lessons? 97% 3%
Does your child have access to an internet connection? 100% 0%
Are you happy with the quantity of school work my child is being given? 94% 6%
Is your child is coping with the amount of work? 88% 12%
Is your child struggling with the amount of work? 15% 85%
Is your child feeling stressed or anxious at home? 12% 88%
Are you feeling stressed or anxious about helping your child learn at home? 18% 82%
Are you feeling increasingly confident about helping your child learn at home? 82% 18%
Are you happy with the remote provision Townville Infants' and Nursery School is offering your child? 94% 6%


We gave parents the opportunity to tell us what their child likes most about our remote learning offer.  They gave answers such as:


'He really enjoys seeing his friends and teachers online for the live lesson he looks forward to it daily.'


'Live lessons for sure!'


'My child loves showing me what he knows, the more we talk about his work the more his confidence grows.'


'Sharing what she has learnt during her live lessons with her elder brothers.'


'Enjoys using the purple mash app and painting pictures on there.'


We asked parents to tell us what they like most about our remote learning offer.  They gave answers such as:


'How convenient and accessible the home learning is very easy to follow.'


'I love spending time with my child and I love seeing where he is at regarding his education. I feel I can then focus on the areas which he may need more development. I love watching him develop and watching his confidence grows when he is getting something correct or completing a piece of work.'


'The interaction my child gets with her friends on a daily basis, which she struggled with on the previous lockdown.'


'The live class as she gets to see her friends and her teacher is a much better teacher than me. Also it's good that all work is planned beforehand so we can complete it when it fit in with everyone elses home learning.'


As a result of our questionnaire findings we have taken the following steps:


- Launched our Remote Education Plan, in which we set out the minimum expectations for remote learning.  This highlights to parents the aspects of the weekly plans which we expect them to complete and which parts are optional.  We hope that this is helpful for parents who are also working from home themselves or who have multiple children to support.  Our Remote Education Plan is inline with government guidelines with regards the amount of time planned activities should take.

- We have continued to source additional technology for children with limited access.

- We have continued to identify and support our most vulnerable children.

- We have published a range of information and top-tips to support parents and children to develop good routines and maintain their well-being.


We are very thankful to our parents for their feedback and their continued efforts to support their children.  We continue to encourage them to contact us if they experience any difficulties.