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The National Curriculum for Key Stage One Science states that the principal focus for science is to enable pupils to experience and observe phenomena. They should be encouraged to be curious and ask questions about what they notice and helped to develop their understanding of scientific ideas and vocabulary by developing the following skills.


  • Asking questions and recognising that they can be answered in different ways
  • Observing closely, using simple equipment
  • Performing simple tests.
  • Identifying and Classifying
  • Using their own observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions.
  • Gathering and recording data to help in answering questions.



Science Progression and Teaching Sequence

Year 2 Topic Knowledge Development Plans

Tuesday 12th March 2019 was our whole school practical Science day.


Parents joined us in each class for the first part of the day to work with their children to make 'Rocket Mice' and investigate and explore force and air pressure.


'Rocket Mice'

Year 1 Everyday Materials

Distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made. Identify and name a variety of everyday materials inc wood, plastic, glass, metal, water and rock. Describe the simple physical properties of a variety of everyday materials. Compare and group together a variety of materials  in the basis of their simple physical properties.


Year 2 Uses of everyday materials

Identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials, inc wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick rock, paper and cardboard for particular uses. Find out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending twisting and stretching.