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At Townville Infant and Nursery School, we aspire to offer the best possible early education for all our children in a happy, safe, inclusive environment. Through our writing curriculum we aim to ensure our children:

  • Write legibly using upper- and lower-case letters.
  • Ensure that letters sit on the line and are consistent in size with ascenders and descenders that are the correct length and formation.
  • Leave the correct space between words.
  • Form capital letters and use where appropriate.
  • Form numerals that are consistent in size and sit on the base-line.
  • Begin to form printed letters and understand when they are to be used.
  • Spell words correctly using their phonics knowledge.
  • Plan what they are going to write about.
  • Write coherent sentences in a sequence.
  • Read their writing aloud to an audience.
  • Improve the speed of writing and begin to write automatically, promoting creativity in independent writing.


Our Key Stage One curriculum builds upon children's learning in the EYFS ensuring full coverage of National Curriculum. They will leave Townville Infants with the fundamental skills needed to continue their writing development in KS2 and beyond.


Writing in Early Years

In Early Years the children are supported to develop as writers through Read, Write Inc, their ‘storying’ lesson and the work they do around different texts.

Please see our Foundation Stage Policy for further information.  

Writing in KS1

Our writing lessons take place daily with a key text focus over two weeks. In the third week the children will apply the skills learnt for the

genre using a different key text for the week.

Our three-week planning cycle:

Week 1

Day 1 

Day 2 

Day 3 

Day 4 

Day 5 


Focus Text

Hook Lesson

(Drama/special package/ Book trailer/ video)

Layout/ features of the text

Vocabulary lesson

SPaG features

SPaG features

Week 2

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10


Focus Text

SPaG Features


Shared Writing

Exciting Writing


Yr 1 – Vocabulary Lesson

Yr 2 – Edit and Improve

Week 3

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

Day 15

Link text

Reading Comprehension

on linked text

Lesson on Misconceptions Short burst write

Lesson on Misconceptions Short burst write



Exciting Writing



Where possible the text links to our topics. Throughout the year we look at a range of text types and generic story plots.


Please see our Long Term plan for the text types and progression.


The curriculum is taught to all pupils, with relevant and appropriate methods put in place to support individual needs of children, such as differentiation, shorter lessons or supportive resources.




Children are introduced to the appropriate letter formation through their Read, Write Inc sessions.  In the EYFS we support the development of fine and gross motor skills through a broad range of activities including, but not limited to; playdough, finger-gym, outdoor play and creative play.


Please see our Handwriting and presentation policy for further information.



Children are taught to spell as part of the Read, Write Inc sessions. However, in addition KS1 have a weekly ‘Red Rhythms’ spelling lesson. Where children are taught to emphasise the low frequency grapheme in order to make the spelling more memorable.


Example termly timetable

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Teach 5 new red words

Teach 5 new red words

Teach 5 new red words

Consolidate the teaching of the red 15 red words

Consolidate the teaching of the red 15 red words

Assessment of 15 red words.


See attached red words document for the words taught.


As children reach the end of Read, Write, Inc they have daily Language and Literacy sessions where they learn different spelling rules.